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"Working with Jenna has been absolutely revolutionary for me personally but also for my outlook and the way that I am able to see the world. As a yoga instructor, Jenna creates the perfect environment. She is encouraging and knowledgeable, as well as fun and interesting and her playlists are always perfect for the flow. I have gone from being a beginner with minimal yogic understanding to feeling comfortable enough to practice outside of our sessions and expand my own understanding of the practice in just a few months. As a therapist and guide, Jenna is understanding and open. From our very first sessions I have felt connected, grounded, and understood, in the presence of someone who sees and appreciates both the yin and yang of the universe. If I have learned anything from Jenna it is that we must always be open and understanding and that we must face the world with a beaming heart and smile, and the importance of letting go rather than lugging around unnecessary burdens."



"Our paths with Jenna crossed exactly how she advertises on her website, simply because we were meant to meet. I was going through an emotionally and physically draining period, juggling career, house and relationship changes, with barely anything in my life that was stable. It was also a period where I was becoming increasingly more spiritual, working hard on myself but also being equally hard on myself. Felt like I was in a rut. Meeting Jenna, her magical healing sound bowls, soft voice and entering her safe space has helped me handle all the instability I was going through immensely. Her judgement free, safe zone has allowed me to be my most vulnerable self as well as let go of my anxieties and any self judgement. In addition, with the little messages during and post each session she taught me to further trust the universe. She is very empathetic, with a strong sixth sense for your needs which is why each session I did with her was different and unique, catered to my emotional and physical needs at the time. I felt safe, understood, accepted and during the proceeding days I felt very relaxed and calm, with a clearer vision of my path and needs."



"Jenna's sound baths are the most soothing, healing and restorative forms of self care.  I feel so held by her.  She puts a huge amount of thought into each session and caters them to have you feel at that present moment.  Pure medicine"Private Client​​"Jenna's sound healing sessions are the highlight of my week.  They are completely tailored to my mood, I always feel a great sense of relaxation afterwards.  Also my sausage dog Igor loves them as much as me.  Jenna is a cosmic angel that we all need in our lives"


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