"Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage" - Brene Brown

I began my healing journey properly when I was 30 years old.  

Through a fast paced lifestyle and abuse of alcohol and drugs I found myself in a really challenging place.  I had suffered for many years from anxiety manifesting in the form of intrsuvie thoughts and OCD (Pure-O), but without the language of knowledge of these conditions even existing I was in a confused and overwhelmed state of being.

I had dabbled in a bit of therapy here and there in my 20s but never found anyone who I clicked with.  I eventually found the right fit for me in my 30s and I didn’t look back; in fact he inspired me so much that I went on to start my training as a talking therapist.

Yoga had been part of my life since I was in my 20s, but only as a way to burn calories, not as a healing modality.  It was only in my late 20s that I really began to feel the healing effects of these ancient teachings, and in my 30s after studying psychotherapy for 4 years I knew that I needed to strike more of a balance and start to come into my body more.  The mind is a magnificent tool, but it is not the only one we have at our disposal.

Along the way I have found and used many different approaches and tools that have helped me.  From shamanism, energy healing, sound healing, yoga (vinyasa and yin), meditation, talking therapies, EMDR, hypnotherapy, EFT (tapping), chakra work. 

I am on a constantly evolving journey myself and my offering will only continue to expand over time. 

My goal is not necessarily to become a master of all trades, but to be able to offer and support you on your own healing journey, using a variety of approaches that are relevant to you and your needs.  

I have a deep knowing that my life’s purpose is to help people unmuddle the messiness of life, the daily struggles, the complexities and the simplicities that get all confused; to understand the human condition in all of it’s forms and help restore harmony to those who want to find more peace internally and externally.



Newcastle University : BA Hons Communication & Cultural Studies

Regents University : Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling

Metanoia Institute : Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Quantum Yoga : 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

Shanti Atma : 100hrs Yin Yoga & Aromatherapy (in training)

Individual Member of the BACP