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The Jenna Alexandria Method

Integrated Well-Being


What is The JAM (Jenna Alexandria Method)?

The JAM offers a container for you to be held, be witnessed, to fall apart, and to put yourself back together.


The JAM is an integrated approach to wellbeing that incorporates talk therapy, movement (SAH and yoga), sound healing & various other holistic tools (chakra awareness, meditation, breathwork, ceremony).

Through combining these methods The JAM provides a 360 degree approach, which means she (alongside her clients) can look at issues, concerns, blockages etc. from multiple directions.


Having trained as a psychotherapeutic counsellor Jenna quickly came to realise that although talk therapy is invaluable as a stepping stone to understanding ourselves, it is not the panacea to healing.  Yes, we absolutely need to befriend and get to know our minds, but talk therapy can often keep us stuck in a loop on stories, overpathologizing which can be a symptom of avoiding our feelings / emotions.


This is where we need to look at the body and apply a bottom up approach.  The story is valid, and it is important, and we also need to know when it is keeping us stuck instead of serving our growth.  When there are big thoughts (stories) there is usually a big feeling associated with it.  The body (as Bessel van Der Kolk amongst others have told us) keeps the score, it's the map of our unprocessed experiences.  Where we have residual energy stagnated in the body, we are holding “charge” from the past, this is why the past can show up in the present and we can sometimes react in disproportionate ways to what is happening in real time.


Emotion is simply energy in motion.  There are no good or bad emotions, although it is undeniable that some may be less comfortable to feel than others.  


Through using a combination of movement & vibration (sound), The JAM helps to release these blockages from the body, which directly impacts the way we think, respond, react and experience the world.

What is the format?

The Taster

Drop in sessions x 90 mins 

Cost 135 


The Commitment

6 x 90mins Sessions

Cost 780


The Deep Dive

12 Sessions

Cost 1500


Included in “The Commitment” & “The Deep Dive”

  • Access to all events Jenna Alexandria puts on in the time frame (sound baths, women circles)

  • Recordings of sound healings & meditations used through the time working together

  • Support outside of sessions via WhatsApp

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