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Sound Healing

Through the use of specific tones and frequencies, Sound Healing reintroduces vibration into the body to help remove energy blockages that have built up over time.

Coined the "lazy-man's meditation" - Sound Healing drops you into the parasympathetic nervous system and the Theta Brainwave state (meditation) bypassing the mind and working on the body.


Sound healing is a non invasive form of therapy that uses vibration and frequency to help remove energy blockages in the body.  When we go through life repressing emotions, ignoring our feelings, and keep doing instead of being, we can end up with a lot of energy or emotion (e-motion, energy in motion) stagnated in the body.  When we have blockaged it means that fresh chi/life force/prana/energy cannot flow freely in the body, and this is how aches, pains and disease can manifest.  By reminding the body, by re-introducing different frequencies, the stagnated energy begins to vibrate again and then eventually can be released from the body.  I work with a range of crystal bowls (both aligned with planets and chakras), gongs, shamanic percussion instruments, tuning forks, and the voice. 

My sound baths are multi-sensory and also include smell, visuals & touch.

I work in Lisbon with 1:1, groups & am bookable for events and retreats.

Locations - Graca, Lisbon Wellness, Saude in the City


€80 (60mins)

€100 (75mins)

€115 (90mins)

Groups & Events - Please enquire

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