"Working with Jenna has been absolutely revolutionary for me personally but also for my outlook and the way that I am able to see the world. As a yoga instructor, Jenna creates the perfect environment. She is encouraging and knowledgeable, as well as fun and interesting and her playlists are always perfect for the flow. I have gone from being a beginner with minimal yogic understanding to feeling comfortable enough to practice outside of our sessions and expand my own understanding of the practice in just a few months. As a therapist and guide, Jenna is understanding and open. From our very first sessions I have felt connected, grounded, and understood, in the presence of someone who sees and appreciates both the yin and yang of the universe. If I have learned anything from Jenna it is that we must always be open and understanding and that we must face the world with a beaming heart and smile, and the importance of letting go rather than lugging around unnecessary burdens."

Mica, UK
(Holistic Package)

Full Moon

"Jenna's yoga has been an absolute healing tonic for me; spiritually, emotionally and physically.  She has this special gift of tuning into your needs and intuitively creates the yoga lessons to rebalance your body.  Her teaching is doft, tender and heart centred, yet challenging and strong at the same time.  I feel held by her essence, enabling me to let go.  I would thoroughly recommend her on all levels.  Thank you Jenna"

Evangeline, Cornwall, UK (1:1 Yoga)


"Jenna's yoga classes are original dynamic and fun!  Jenna creates interesting and challenging flows, keeps the technical side simmering so there is always a little adjustment here or there that you hadn't thought of and she often includes some fascinating breathing exercises in the class too.  I have been doing yoga with Jenna both online and in person for 6 months.  I usually feel a combination of calm and elevated after her classes"

Roz, London, UK (Yoga Classes)